Artemis Dreamt is a poetic and eloquent exploration of the troubled life of Artemis, an artistic, self-reliant and spunky 14-year-old girl who has various ways of coping with her neglectful parents including the vivid and captivating dreams she experiences nearly every night.

My publisher, RainTown Press, is aiming for a release in the Spring of 2013. Advanced Reader Copies will be available sometime this winter, so if you manage a book blog or if you review for an online or print publication, now is a great time to request an ARC. Send me an email at to get on the list. You can also put Artemis on your to-read list on Goodreads. I’ve heard through a reliable source that there will be some give-aways for readers who sign up before Artemis hits bookstores.

Fun Fact: Artemis Dreamt is my debut novel and was inspired by a doodle I drew in one of my English classes.

The sketch that started it all.